The Business Behind Technology Transfer

TTO Consulting & Licensing

"Imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." — Albert Einstein

We help technology transfer offices license more and license better.

License Compliance Reports

TTO Advisors provides automated license compliance reports to help you increase awareness of license compliance issues.

  • Regular (automated) license compliance reports

  • On-demand summary compliance reports for stakeholders

  • Suggested language for TTO agreements

Startup Certification

TTO Advisors certifies startup entrepreneur competency to help you increase startup success.

  • Require basic competency in startup management, license compliance, university relations, and patenting

  • Could be required as a condition of licensing

  • Suggested language for TTO agreements

Invention Analysis

TTO Advisors evaluates patentability & commercial viability to help you reduce patent expenses.

  • Analysis of key considerations: IP status, business opportunity, manufacturing, regulatory and other barriers

  • Third-party validation / justification for TTO strategy

  • Personal interaction with TTO and inventors

Marketing Summaries

TTO Advisors provides professionally designed marketing summaries to help you communicate more clearly.

  • One-page summary of key points: invention summary, primary marketing message, licensing opportunity, IP strategy, contact information

  • Personal interaction with TTO and inventors

TTO Diagnostics

TTO Advisors diagnoses & recommends improvements to internal processes to help you license more effectively.

  • Office dynamics

  • Internal & external communications

  • Metrics & key performance indicators

  • Agreement structure

  • License compliance & federal reporting

  • Patent strategy


TTO Advisors licenses inventions and brokers license agreements to help you license more.

  • Licenses and assignments

  • Representative agreements

  • Marketing or negotiating partnerships

  • Brokering IP